Tuesday, April 04, 2017

April arrived quickly

There have been no new developments of the anonymous package, outside of crossing names off the list of who might have sent it.  

In photography news, I've taken some time to begin editing images from my last trip.  I'm applying the lessons I learned from the landscape editing class and the difference is amazing.  I'm also replaying the class in the background while I edit these, because the instructor used some interesting selection techniques that I can't quite remember, so I'm listening for those while I edit.  

Here is a shot from the field in Kipu Ranch where scenes from the Jurassic Park movies were filmed.

Additional photo news, I'm scheduled to attend the next pinhole photography meetup.  Fingers are crossed that the weather cooperates and that I don't end up with another migraine.  The meetup includes some hiking, so my plan is to load up my hiking camera bag with gear and wear it with me on my semi-daily walks through the woods.

I set my bird quilt aside a couple weeks ago to do a quick embroidery side project...
I turned 42 this year, so I made myself a Douglas Adams towel in honor of the year.

... with the towel complete, I went back to the birds. I'm nearly done with the last American Goldfinch, and I'll post a shot of the 4 of them when completed.

With spring comes gardening.  I've started tomato seeds indoors again this year, 9 each of 8 varieties.  Last year we started them a few weeks late and didn't transplant them on time.  This year I'm using a "gardening week by week" book, which bases the weeks on the last frost date for the area.  According to that book I'm only about 6 days late with the seed starting, and I also chose some 'early girl' plants, so fingers are crossed I'll get ripe tomatoes before August.

The first seedling emerged 6 days after planting - this was March 25th

By the end of day 6, several more plants crept out.

They have now all sprouted and most have their first set of "true" leaves, so I'll be pruning the extras back within the next couple days.

In other crafting news, another brief side project came about this past weekend.  G's band is off to Disneyland for some music workshops and park fun, so I had the idea that she and her friends should make custom mouse ears.  Saturday night I made a prototype:

I was going for Moana, but I didn't have a hibiscus flower on hand so it looks more Lion King.  Either way, it is fun to wear :)

The girls had a blast tearing apart branches of silk flowers and going to town with the hot-glue gun.  I made the pink ears for my friend who is a chaperone on the trip.

I had hoped to get back to scrapbooking on Sunday while the girls made the ears, but I ended up spending the entire crafting time helping with cutting out ears and covering them with fabrics.  I am impressed, however, that even after the 4 hour crafting extravaganza, I cleaned up the ENTIRE mess - including all the strewn fabrics - and got my craft room back in order before going to bed. I now have bags of leaves leftover from the flower branches which can be used for future projects... I'm already thinking of using them to decopage Easter eggs this year.

We are currently on spring break, which means no school schedule for me to deal with, and fewer dinner worries since G is off at Disney, so I'm hoping to return to Scrapbooking the ephemera albums in the evenings this week.

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