Saturday, March 17, 2018

Springing forward

The last 6 weeks have been filled with projects, let's get right to it!


No photos to share, but great leaps have been made!  Blurb put out a great coupon which was incentive for me to finish up the 2012 album and send 2011 and 2012 off to be printed.  Down in the art room I completed the 2004 ephemera album and began to organize the items for 2005, which lead to G's school photos, which lead me to begin her school days album.  After much deliberation I decided that the School Days Album will be limited to a 2 page layout for each year of school, all with the same grey parchment looking background paper for consistency.  I'll be working on this album alongside the ephemera albums in order to stay as efficient as possible.  I also completed gluing photos and filling out birthday information in G's "First Five Years" baby book, so I no longer need to worry about the loose photos and birthday party notes dropping from it's pages.  

Working on the school album alongside the ephemera can be a little confusing at times, as the school year spans September to June, and the ephemera albums are calendar years, however keeping the school album limited to two pages helps narrow down my options.  Each double page layout will have her school and class photo, plus a note or photo on the activities she participated in during that school year.  The more in-depth details (programs from school performances, award ribbons, etc...) will be in the larger ephemera albums.  

I made a tote bag for my niece (a hairdresser) and birthday card.  It ended up going out late due to a delay in the printed fabric - the image for my original fabric of choice wasn't uploaded properly by the artist, so I had to cancel that order and pick something new, which added another couple of weeks to the delivery.  

My Bird Quilt continues... two of five cardinal squares are complete. 


I missed the pinhole group outing due to a schedule change on my end, but I did have a nice outing with G over the course of that weekend.  We headed down to Seattle Center, where G played with her Diana/Lomo instant camera combination.  I brought out my Graflex and P.120 pinhole cameras, as well as finishing off a roll that had been residing in my Holga.

G creating an optical illusion with a toy car in front of the International Fountain.

From my P.120 camera, objects appear smaller than reality.

From my Holga - I experimented with a roll of Lomo 100 purple film.  It treats warm spots as purple, and cool blues as greens, so shooting underexposed in the winter made for some green streaks in the cooler parts of the frame.  This would be a fun film to play with in the summer time.

Also in photography news... I've decided to shelve the heafty Graflex camera for a bit, and instead concentrate on shooting panoramic pinhole with my P.120, and get my 6x9 negatives from the Six-20 camera. I also want to continue to explore forest and interesting tree patterns with my DSLR, and there just isn't room in my pack to carry All The Gear, hence my decision to set aside Clunky for a time.  I'm considering 2019 calendar themes in the back of my mind as I explore these cameras.