Wednesday, April 05, 2017

An Unexpected Mystery Envelope 2

Just when I had given up on leaping out the door at the sight of the mail truck, my Second Unexpected Mystery envelope arrived in today's mail. This envelope contained fewer documents, but does include an intriguing artifact.  My photos are included after the jump, so as to protect googlers from accidentally coming across the images and potentially spoiling their stories.

(If you would like to catch up, envelope#1 is opened and analyzed here.)

Once again I received a large manila envelope from an international trading company in New York.  Here were the contents...

A puffy envelope that had apparently been sent to the trading company's location in Norway.  Again stamped, no return address, and unreadable post mark.

Handwritten note, this time with initials.  SP?  JP?

2 pages torn out of a magazine, front and back.  I'm including the front page, which is just an ad, because the detail in showcasing the age of the article is fantastic.  I'm going to say... late 80's?

The following appears to be one page from a book, or maybe part of a brochure.  Given the description on the other side, I feel like this was a brochure for an auction of the items listed.

And then, the artifact mentioned in the hand written note.  

I searched for protection amulets related to ocean travel, or Kraken, or Cthulhu, but couldn't find anything that matches this carving.  Given the story's references to Norway, I feel like this carving could be derived from Norse runes, perhaps overlapping runes in a circular pattern. I can kind of pick out the runes for Yew Tree, Water (or earth, or both) and possibly journey.  Which would all make sense, given the legend in the article. 

 Or maybe I'm reading way too much into it.  That wouldn't really be unprecedented.  

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