Monday, May 15, 2017

An Unexpected Mystery Envelope #5

I received another mystery envelope on Saturday, which was again at the 2 week mark from the last envelope.  Photos and summary are after the jump to help avoid spoilers.

After the mention of intercepting an artifact in envelope #4, I half expected this next communication to be an artifact of some kind.  Instead of a box, however, I received another envelope, this one rather flat.  Inside the 9x13 manila envelope (again addressed to me from the import company in New York) was a 9x13 white envelope (again mailed to the import company in Norway with no return address)

An invitation to a gallery displaying a Viking art collection, a hand written letter from "S.P.", and a poster depicting a Viking legend.

The Viking legend tells of a story of a giant sea creature.  One particularly fearless Viking wanted to see this creature for himself, and end the terror for his people, so he built a sturdy and intimidating ship to head out to sea and face the creature head on.  The creature, though, was said to only appear every 5 or 6 generations, so one of the Viking's advisors, devised an incantation he could use to rouse the creature.  She also created a ward of protection that would spare him from being killed, but he scoffed at the idea and did not take it.  The Viking took 30 men and a chronicler (to record the deeds of the Viking and his crew)  They sailed to where the creature was said to live and summoned it, and the sky grew dark and the sea turned into a whirlpool.  Many men died, however the chronicler had carved the protective runes on the hull of the ship, so the ship was spared.  The ship returned, and the surviving passengers went mad and pierced their own eyes and ears with spare weapons on the ship.  While many of they died soon after, the chronicler survived to record the story, and though blind he carved a statue of the beast before throwing himself off a cliff.  From then on, the people were afraid of that portion of the sea and called it "Tore's End".

The letter from S.P. talks about this legend, and how it ties into all the other stories we have found so far (every 5 or 6 generations is about 100 years, a sea creature that rises from the deep, the runes that work as a protection ward)  She says she is going to go to this art gallery opening to see if they found what she thinks they found.  She goes on to say that it's possible "that they sank his ship for fishing illegally" or that there was possibly a training mission in the ocean with "friendly fire and collateral damage, accidental civilian losses and a subsequent cover-up".  She also wonders if the runes on the poster (which she is finding in a lot of artifacts that she is coming across) might be the incantation that brings calls the sea creature up from the depths.

So... from S.P.'s letter, it does sound like she is trying to solve the mystery of what really caused the fishing vessel to go down in 1988, which backs up my thought that these packages are coming from  the daughter Sarah of the audio recordings.  This Viking legend is additional verification of a Kraken that emerges once every 100 years, and that you can protect yourself from it with a particular amulet or carving.  S.P. suggests that the runes on the poster might be the incantation to summon the Kraken, but if you compare it to the amulet, it looks to me like it is actually the protection ward - carved in a circle (like a whirlpool) 

So I was correct that these are runes put in a circular pattern
The translation of the runes on the poster accordin to Wikipedia (proto-Germanic name, and then meaning)
ansuz - one of the gods
ansuz - one of the gods
ansuz - one of the gods
sowilo - sun
raido - ride or journey
perp - (meaning unclear, perhaps pear tree)
kaunan - ulcer OR kenaz - torch
fehu - wealth, cattle

When we look back on Envelope#4 and S.P.'s insistence that she intercept an artifact before it "goes missing", and then this Viking legend that mentions a statue of the beast carved by the blinded chronicler, I suspect that S.P. is going to go to this art gallery opening and find the statue.  This envelope brings a lot of the stories together... though I'm still feeling like James Cullens from Envelope #1 is left dangling out there.

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