Monday, May 08, 2017

An Unexpected Mystery Envelope #4

The 4th envelope in the mystery series arrived here last week.  It was postmarked 2 weeks after envelope #3, which establishes a pretty consistent 2 week schedule for the mailings.  Once again it came to me from New York and contained an envelope that went to the Norway branch of the New York trading company.

Over the last week I've allocated my scanner to working on negatives for my photography tests, and I haven't worked in enough time to scan all the documents in this envelope (there was a lot to digest).  If the 2 week mailing pattern continues, I should expect whatever comes next by this weekend, so rather than delay my summary I did a quick collage shot of the contents for this one.  That, and my summary, are after the break to avoid spoilers

The inner envelope contained: A two page (front and back) handwritten letter from "S.P.", a cassette tape cover, a hand written letter to a fan, and a page from a book.

The letter explains that the book page is from a rare book, which describes the prediction of a Danish Priest (Father Moller) who, back in 1388, had warned his parishioners against traveling from Denmark to today's Norway, and disobeying this command would result in being attacked by a many-headed leviathan.  The author points out that the oddity in Father Moller's warning is that it pertains to one particular night, which is unique compared to other apocalyptic treatises.

The cassette tape cover is from a now-dissolved Norwegian metal band from the early 1990's, the lyrics talk about traveling by ship under a blood moon. (The band even has an old angelfire website online!  Click it, and you can click through their entire site for the song lyrics and song recordings... I'm very amused that they have a link titled "Answers"  Ha!)  The handwritten letter is from the singer of the band written to a fan, explaining that the lyrics of their song Blood Moon come from and old family legend.  A woman was being sent overseas with her family in 1388 - she was angry about being sent out of the country and knew she would die (that the sea would eat her soul) and she left a runestick to the ancestor of the lead singer, and recited a poem which the singer's ancestor wrote down and are now the chorus of this song.

The letter from S.P. talks about the connection of these two articles - accidents at sea claiming lives in 1388.  I suspect this is also connected to the fairytale/legend magazine article from Envelope#2 - perhaps that legend is about this actual family from the 1388 voyage (the legend had 4 brothers and a sister, but the sister was only mentioned once in the story)  The letter goes on to say that S.P. has found the author of the comic book page (from Envelope #1) in an institution, unable to speak but he sat and drew the entire visit.  S.P. also discovered that the author of the Fairytale/Legend article (from Envelope #2) is being held in isolation in the same facility.

In the last page of S.P.'s letter, she says the final piece of evidence that ties everything together is going to be exhibited in Iceland, and she says if she doesn't take it soon she is afraid it will be "lost" and destroyed.

So... perhaps S.P. is going to steal this piece of evidence and send it to me?

I still think "S.P." is Sarah, the daughter of Jake the Fisherman who was lost off the coast of Norway in 1988.  I'm hoping the next piece of the puzzle will tie back around to whatever happened to James Cullens from Envelope #1.

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