Saturday, February 18, 2017

Needles and things

This past week saw the neighborhood craft club meeting at my house.  Some folks in the club had shown an interest in learning needle felting, and Easter is coming, so I thought I would break out the supplies for covering foam Easter eggs.  Since my past decorations are still up in the attic, I spent some craft time this week working on an example for the "class".  I pulled my supplies out of the art room, set out a few examples of the sculptures I've made, and put out way too many snacks.

I made little felted Yodas for Marsbarn and K2 a couple years ago, and still hadn't made one for myself, so I took the opportunity to make a wee Yoda last week as an example piece.  I also added flat panel needle felting to the mix, and picked up a stack of square wool felt sheets of various colors and made an example to show.
The owl and gnome home were completed in the past, I made the spotted egg and daisy during the craft club meeting.

Six people from our club were able to attend, and 5 made eggs.  They all seemed to enjoy it, and the creations they made were very cool and all very different, lots of swirls, one with large multi-colored polka dots, one with overlapping layers of thin color that gave it a very surreal swirly look.  I wish I'd thought to get a photo of everyone's work put together but I was too distracted with fun conversation to have thought about it at the time. 

I've finished putting the hanging sleeve on my sea turtle wall hanging, and that will be put up on the walls this weekend, as soon as everyone is awake enough for me to start hammering nails into walls.

I've found myself to be too scattered to remember what is going on with my photography, it seems that I have too many projects going at once and without a physical item to set down, I forget where I last left off.  I'd made a note to myself that I wanted to convert some images to black and white, but failed to update the note. Last week I spent some time going through my images to pick some to convert, only to find that some already had, however I converted some in Lightroom and others in Photoshop.  I cannot remember which method I preferred, nor why I would have stopped one and switched to another.  I watched a tutorial to see if yet a third method might be better than the other two, but that method seemed incredibly more complicated than it needed to be, and after having watched it I realized it was for an older version of the software, and at this point seems obsolete to me (since the tools offered in both PS and LR are superior now).  Then, after investing those hours into this, I was poking around on my portfolio and discovered that I'd already uploaded finished B&W images, and just hadn't completed publishing the albums yet.

I suppose that is the result of squeezing projects in when I have an extra half hour here and there, rather than working on anything steadily for a good amount of time?

I'll have to go back and try both methods of converting B&W to remind myself which method I really preferred, then I really need to write that down on my notes page.  The weather has turned back to rain, so that seems like a good thing to tackle this weekend. 

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