Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dreams to Reality

The other day I had that wake-in-the-wee-hours-vivid-dream time again, this time it was all about doodling.

I had a clear vision of a drawing, zentangles within a zentangle... a wide ribbon pattern with smaller patterns inside, some background patterns, some things dangling here and there. Even as I dreamed it, I knew I had not drawn it yet.  It was a strange mix of looking at this sketch knowing that it was going to come from my head eventually, but in order to make it a reality I would have to remember how I drew it the first time... even though it wasn't drawn yet.  As I woke up I had already begun to deconstruct the main ribbon part to figure out how to make it dimensional.

This is my first attempt at the vision:
It is a very basic version of what I saw in my head... the ribbon is not quite wide enough, and the "extras" outside the ribbon are missing... but I have the basic construct down, which is half the battle.

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